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Rickenbacker 360 Thinline Fireglo 2021


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Used LIKE NEW Rickenbacker 360 Fireglo 2021 with Rickenbacker hard shell case included.


A Pedigreed Rocker with Deluxe Appointments

The Rickenbacker 360 is the deluxe version of the iconic 330. In addition to the 330's jangly maple tones and classic good vibes, the 360 gives you rounded horns, a contoured top edge that rolls into the back binding, and iconic triangle ("shark fin") fingerboard inlays. Though most of these updates are cosmetic, one of the coolest upgrades to the 360 is the Rick-O-Sound stereo output. This sends each of the Hi-gain pickups to its own amplifier, or straight into a recording medium for instant stereo guitars. The Rickenbacker was loved by artists like George Harrison, Peter Buck, and Roger McGuinn for its shimmering chord voicings.

All-maple construction provides a bright foundation

Everything but the Rickenbacker 360's fingerboard is made from high-grade maple. Maple's density is partly responsible for the 360's famous sustain and top-end jangle and shimmer. Maple is also very stable, aiding in maintaining the structural integrity of the neck. The thick rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of warmth and harmonic richness to this otherwise bright instrument. Dot inlays give it the traditional 360 look.

Hi-gain pickups and 5-knob layout allow for a wide range of tones

The heart and soul of all Rickenbackers are the proprietary electronics. You'll find a pair of Hi-gain single-coils in the 360 electric guitar. These pickups deliver the stringiness of many other single-coils, but with an aggressive cut that has driven so many rhythm and lead guitar tracks through the decades. A 5-knob control layout with "blend" knob gives you a wide range of sounds to play with.

Stereo Rick-O-Sound output opens up a palette of sonic possibilities

Rickenbacker spec'd the 360 with two output jacks. The first is a standard mono output; the second is a stereo Rick-O-Sound output, which outputs both pickups as a separate signal. Just think about the possibilities! You can feed your 360's neck pickup into a clean American tweed for bass definition, then out your bridge pickup to an overdriven British stack for raucous tube grit. This option is also great for studio performers. By sending one signal to two sources, you can get an instant stereo track with only one performance.

Rickenbacker 360 Deluxe Thinline Features:

  • Iconic guitar enjoyed by George Harrison, Peter Buck, and Roger McGuinn
  • Deluxe upgrade to the 330
  • Semi-acoustic maple body with cat's eye soundhole is lightweight and balanced
  • Contoured horns and rounded body edges roll into back binding
  • Maple set neck has a good chunky feel for chording
  • Thick, bound rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and harmonic richness
  • Iconic pearloid triangle ("shark fin") inlays
  • Hi-gain single-coil pickups are loaded with spank, sparkle, and chutzpah
  • 3-way selector with 2x tone and 2x volume controls
  • 5th "blend" knob for coloration and output
  • Stereo Rick-O-Sound output lets you route each pickup individually
  • Schaller tuners are stage rugged and studio dependable