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Martin 0-16NY 1970

Really clean example of a 0-16 from the early 70's. Neck has been reset and has a healthy new saddle, original bone saddle in the case.  Action is 5/64ths on the treble side and 6/64ths on the bass side.  1 7/8 Nut Width, so a slightly wider neck.  The neck had a bad up-bow so it has been refretted with a slightly larger fret tang to help straighten out the board.  The neck is now good and straight and will gain a little more relief over time. Really comfortable, great playing guitar with a louder tone and greater sustain than you might expect from a box this size.  A couple cleats down the center of the top on the inside from a top crack. But the top doesn't really show the crack much at all.  Some cosmetic wear captured in the photos.  Let us know if you have anymore questions about this uncommon and distinct Martin.  Comes with an after market case that is slightly bigger than the guitar.