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Gibson Grabber G-3 Bass | Natural - 1976


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1976 Gibson Grabber G-3 Bass w/Bentley Guitars Gig Bag included
*Original case is not included
- Bass is in great shape, clean electronics in great working order
- Light ware as pictured, some lacquer worn off back of the neck as pictured

Gibson G3 Controls

  • Forward position activates the front and middle pickups in humbucking configuration
  • The back position activates the middle and back pickup in the same manner
  • The middle position activates all three pickups for what we have coined a "buck-and-a-half"

Woods and Construction

The G-3 and Grabber both had bolt-on maple necks, and maple or alder bodies. Fingerboards were typically maple, though occasionally rosewood or ebony. All this maple, added to the bolt-on construction leads to a very bright sounding bass; plenty of snap.

The lightweight Grabber bridge was not designed to hold strings, rather they are passed through the body and then over the bridge, and so improving sustain. Extra long scale strings are therefore required.