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1971 Martin 00-18


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1971 Martin 00-18 w/ Aftermarket Hardshell Case included.

Has finish wear on the headstock, lower bout and back from our guess is a leather strap.  Has a top crack that was repaired previously with a cleat and came together well.  Replacement tuners and a after market hardshell case.  It had a neck reset done at one point as well as a re-fret.  But the neck had developed a bow and a hump where the neck meets the body.  The neck set was fine but the fretboard needed addressed.  We lightly plained and re-radius the board and re-fret it to straighten out the neck.  This thing now plays great, and the action is 4/64 on the treble side and 5/64 on the bass side.  With stewmac 152 fret wire.  This really is a great playing and sounding guitar.  Let us know if you have anymore questions or call us at 816-746-9772 and ask for Jace.