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Amahi KLG12-11GR 12" Steel Tongue Drum - Green (Key of D)

Brand New Amahi KLGR12-11GR Tongue Drum w/soft padded case included.

Amahi's steel tongue drums are crafted from high carbon steel and produce a rich, resonant tone. Each drum includes a padded carrying bag and a pair of rubber mallets. The simple note layout makes these tongue drums easy and quick to learn. They're the perfect choice for all musicians!


  • 12" Diameter
  • 11 Note Layout
  • D Major Scale
  • Green Finish
  • Includes Padded Bag & Rubber Mallets


Amahi's tongue drums feature a tuning magnet on the underside of each tongue that allows for precise tuning. Magnets may shift during shipping. In some cases a fine tuning adjustment may be required before use. Simmply slide the magnet along the underside of the tongue to reach the desired pitch.