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Marcus Mods Pedal Works - Moustache Overdrive w/Box

Brand New Marcus Mods Pedal Works - Moustache Overdrive w/Box
Made in USA

This small but mighty overdrive is one our all-time favorites, no re-issued in smaller enclosure to leave more room on your board!  Meant to simulate classic 15 and 30-watt AC style British amps, it provides anything from a (mostly) transparent boost to big, saggy, delicious overdrive.  Great on its own, or use it to push a loud amp/dirt pedal.
VOLUME - Use this to make loud
BRISTLE - Full left = light overdrive, full right = sag for days
TRIM - Changes clipping to provide varied overdrive tones
Selleck (Right) - Aggressive, hard-hitting, drives a 308 GTS
Pedro (Mid) - Mostly transparent with just a little bit of dirt
Mansell (Left) - Determined, smooth, downright legendary