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Boss AC-3


Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Pedal modded w/fat switch


Boss DR-770 Dr Rhythm


Boss TU-2 Tuner


Carl Martin Buff Deluxe Pedal


Danelectro Cool Cat! Tremolo Pedal


Danelectro Cool Cat! V2 Drive Pedal


Danelectro FAB Distortion Pedal


Danelectro Psycho Flange Pedal w/power supply


EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Reaper Double Fuzz with Octave Up


Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Pedal


Electro-Harmonix 22500 Stereo Looper


Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine


Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper Effect Pedal


Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi


Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini Pedal


iSP Technologies Decimator II Noise Gate Pedal


JHS 3 Series Chorus Pedal


JHS 3 Series Compressor Pedal


JHS 3 Series Delay Pedal


JHS 3 Series Distortion Pedal


JHS 3 Series Fuzz Pedal


JHS 3 Series Overdrive Pedal


JHS 3 Series Reverb Pedal


JHS A/B/Y Pedal


JHS Charlie Brown V4 Overdrive Pedal


JHS Colour Box V2


JHS Legends of Fuzz Bender Pedal


JHS Legends Series Smiley Fuzz 1969 London


JHS Lucky Cat Delay Black


JHS Morning Glory V4 Overdrive Pedal


JHS Pedals Double Barrel V4 Dual Overdrive


JHS Smiley Fuzz Legends of Fuzz Series 1969 London Pedal


JHS Spring Tank Reverb


JHS Superbolt V2 Overdrive


JHS The Crayon Overdrive / Distortion Pedal


JHS Tidewater Tremolo


Keeley Electronics 2-Knob Compressor 2002


Keeley Electronics Caverns Rever/Delay Pedal


Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini - White


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