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Repair Services

Drop by during business hours or call 816-746-9772, email, or message us on Facebook at Bentley Guitar Studios


M-Th 11-8

F 11-6

Sat 10-5

Sun Closed


We offer comprehensive fretted instrument repair services. 

Repair Services Pricing 

  • Restring + Setup $75 (Includes Truss Rod Adjustment, Action Adjustment, Saddle Adjustment, Intonation, Nut Slots,Tuning Machine maintenance and Electronics Cleaned &Tested. Anything the guitar needs to preform at its best apart from intensive fret work.) Strings NOT included
  • Custom Fitted Handmade Bone Nut $175, includes set up (or quote for 12 strings and vintage Martins)
  • Custom Fitted Handmade Compensated Bone Saddle $150, includes set up (or quote for vintage Martins) 
  • Pickup Installation on Acoustic $75 (plus parts)
  • Electronics Repair, quote suggested, $75 and up for full pickup replacement, extra charge for archtops & semi Hollow
  • Output jack replacement $25 plus parts
  • Single POT replacement $30 per plus parts
  • Crack Repair $70/Quote per crack 
  • Strap Pin Install on Acoustic/Uke’s $10 plus parts
  • Bridge Remove & Reglue $150 & Up/Quote
  • Headstock Repair $200 & Up/Quote needed
  • Fret Dress & Polish $200 includes setup
  • Refret $500 and up, includes setup / Quote needed (Pricing dependent on lacquerd, bound or vintage fretboards. New Bone Nut reccomended or additional set up cost for nut adjustment may be necessary)
  • Tuner Replacement $40/extra if drilling required
  • Neck Resets, Quote
  • All other work , Quote

 Electronics Repair for Amps, Keyboard & P.A. :    Will Puckett is our electronics technician $40 non refundable bench fee to inspect and obtain quote and it applies to repair. Mr Puckett does repair on older analog tube and solid state units as well as newer digital units.