Repair Services

We offer a variety of repair services. Matt Allen and Jace Hughes are our in house guitar techs for full setups, stringing, guitar electronics and modifications. Keith George of George’s Music Service II (816-580-0892) does our acoustic work on guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, uke, violin, viola, and cello and does all of our fret and finish work.

Repair Services Pricing 

  • Guitar Restring $20
  • Bass Restring $25
  • Ukulele Restring $15
  • Mandolin Restring $20
  • Setup including Restring $40
  • Includes Truss Rod Adjustment, Action Adjustment, Saddles Adjustment, Intonation, Tuning Machine maintenance and Electronics Tested
  • Setup w/o Restring $20
  • New Bone Nut $45
  • New Bone Saddle $30
  • Pickup Installation on Acoustic $45
  • Pickup Installation on Electric $55
  • New 3 or 5 way Switch $30
  • New Input Jack $25
  • New Potentiometers $40-$60
  • Top & Side Cracks on Acoustic $60-$100
  • Strap Pins on Acoustic/Uke’s $20
  • Bridge Remove & Reglue $60-$75

 AMPS   Will Puckett does our amp, PA and, electronic keyboard repair. Soon we will have a detailed listing of specific services and modifications offered.

Matt is a professional musician and guitar tech with over 15 years experience in performing, live sound, engineering and guitar repairs
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